Road Safety - Winter Driving Tips

Road Safety - Winter Driving Tips

With winter now firmly entrenched it's a great time to consider what we can do to ensure our, and our fellow motorist's safety on the road.

1️⃣ Maintain your vehicle. Well-maintained tires, brakes, wipers, and other important vehicle components are your main defense against winter driving woes. A maintained car is a safer car at any time of the year
2️⃣ Slow down, leave a gap, and brake earlier. The key is to put an increased amount of space between yourself and the next vehicle, especially near intersections where ice builds up.3️⃣ Drive Smoothly. Ease up on the accelerator and brake gently to avoid losing traction, slipping in the wrong direction, or spinning your tires and getting stuck.

4️⃣ If your wheels start to slide know how to recover from a skid. if you start to slide take your foot off both the accelerator and brake, gently steer and counter-steer to where you want to go, until your vehicle lines up. As you regain control gently apply the brakes for a rear-wheel skid or the accelerator for a front-wheel skid.

5️⃣ Make sure your headlights are on (particularly after your vehicle is serviced) and visible. Headlights don't just allow you to see better it allows other motorists to see you. When you clear snow and ice from your vehicle pay attention to your head and tail lights.

Manitoba winters can be a challenge, practice safe driving and lower your risk of damage or injury. Love your current car longer and drive to the conditions.

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